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About Us

Vision: "Empowering individuals for success & prosperity."

Mission: "We are the stepping stone to a captivating future."

Tagline: Excellent Products Excellent People!

Based in Shreveport ,Louisiana, Sweetkissed Creations is a black woman owned business. We believe that your fashion skincare and even make up is an extension of your personality. We are creativity, integrity and the entrepreneurial spirit embodied.

Kim Hicks/CEO

Our Story

Sweetkissed Creations founded in 2018 Kim Hicks. I am a woman of God (Yahweh). I am a published author, an artist, content creator,creative, entrepreneur and a woman with purpose.
It is essential to spread the message of ownership. Redefining what the typical entrepreneur/mogul looks like. Having a dream is the easy area, it's following through, doing the work and creating something that has longevity.
Sweetkissed Creations is not just about earning money for me, cultivating and educating my community is a vital element! With the knowledge I've acquired, I am going to advocate for those in less fortunate circumstances. I intend to create jobs and rebuild my community; I also intend to help other entrepreneurs and business owners.

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It's ok to dream and go big! If God be for you, who can be against you!

Turn every no into an opportunity. You don't have to find your lane, you create it!

Creating a product line for all skin types, men and women alike! I offer pieces that are fun and affordable! Quality products without charting prices! Often times we forget just how important skin is! We overwork and most cases mistreat it. I wanted to not only give a product, but bring awareness. Take care of your skin and it will take care of you!
This also translates in our cosmetics. There is an awesome feeling when you're able to look good and know your doing something good for yourself and others! Every product listed here is made with love and care just for you!

Listen, if I can do it then surely you can as well. Anything is possible when God is in it! 😘

Kim Hicks
Sweetkissed Creations LLC

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